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BMX Bikes

It stands to reason that when a bike is designed by the best riders in the industry, they go the extra mile like this to see that it surpasses the rigors of the ride.

MirraCo Muse
A good park bike has to be tough, yet light; able to be thrown around while in the air, yet solid on the ground, that's exactly where MirraCo's Muse excels. The down tube and top tube are cromo for the tough and light part, and you've got a cromo fork with tapered legs. The Muse is equipped to throw down all the tricks you can do with a rear U-brake with an SST rotor, grind-friendly plastic pedals and a set of pegs. The micro gearing gives you extra clearance over the coping and the 3-piece cromo cranks handle landing after landing. The Muse is truly an inspiration.
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