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Bike Service & Repair

Treat your bike well and it will return the favor.

Our service department is essential to what makes Champaign Cycle special. We're proud of our mechanics and the work they do, so we put them on display in the middle of the shop so you can see them work their magic. Everyone here rides bikes, and most of us ride to work (even Larry rides in from Danville when weather permits). We like bikes, and we love cycling. But most importantly, we want you to enjoy it as much as we do, which can be hard to do when you bike is feeling ill.

Every bike we sell includes a service package. Shifting and brakes systems have a settling in period (it's often called "cable stretch"), and we like to check wheels and bearings as well. As such, we offer a free 30 day tune up. It's best to schedule a 30 day (see below). For a full year, we will adjust your shifting and brakes for free. Usually we can do this without an appointment. We will install accessories for free for the first month you own your bike. Again, appointments are normally best for this service. Finally, we discount all tuneups by 25% for the life of the bike. (All of these services are offered only to the original owner.)

Scheduled Repairs

During the offseason (November-February), we usually finish repairs within a day or two. However, our service is in very high demand the rest of the year and we sometimes schedule up to a week in advance. From March to October, we strongly recommend scheduling an appointment if you don't want to part with your bike for more than a day. You may make an appointment by phone, but it's best to bring your bike to the shop. You don't have to leave it, but this allows us to look it over and order any parts that we don't have in stock. As long as we have your bike by noon the day it's scheduled, we will have it ready to ride by 5pm that afternoon.

Dan has worked here for almost 20 years

Service Menu

Below is a list of our common repairs. The prices are meant as a guideline--we will provide a free estimate of work your bike needs when you bring it to the shop. 

Tune up $100
Adjust brakes, derailleurs
True wheels
Adjustment of hubs, headset, bottom bracket bearings
Lube chain, cables, derailleurs, brakes
Major Tune Up  $140
Adjust brakes, derailleurs
True wheels
Adjustment of hubs, headset, bottom bracket bearings
Lube chain, cables, derailleurs, brakes
Replace all cables (parts extra)
Replace tire and/or tube $11.29
True wheel/replace spoke $25
Hub overhaul $35
Build wheel $80
Adjust brake $15
Replace brake cable $20

Brake Bleed $30

Install chain $15
Adjust derailleur $20
Replace derailleur cable $25
Overhaul bottom bracket $40
Adjust headset $15
Overhaul headset $35
Tape handlebar $20

Box bike for shipping $80
Build boxed bike (shipped) $100 or more depending on the amount of disassembly
Build new bike - done on the basis of time due to the amount of work needed

Please call 217-352-7600 for consultation on specific mechanical problems.