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Science meets Art in Fitting

Alex Hegeman-Davis - Precision Fit Certified Technician

Why Precision Fit?

Precision Fit is an investment in the enjoyment of your bicycle, and a commitment to ride harder, longer, or more comfortably than before. It’s all about getting you closer to your cycling goals, whatever they might be. A proper fit helps you get there by idealizing your riding position for efficiency and comfort. While Precision Fit was developed to ensure Trek athletes were in a position to put down maximum power on the pedals with maximum efficiency, experience has shown us it has much wider application as well.

Pain is not a normal part of cycling, and while there is no one-stop fix for chronic discomfort and the hampered performance that comes with it, high-tech analysis and the insights of experienced professionals can go a long way to improving anyone’s experience on the bike. Reaching your training goals will be easier with high-tech analysis tailored to your body and riding style. This is where Precision Fit comes in.

Precision Fit is more than a programmatic system to adjust components and their position. It is a discussion, evaluation, and analysis that leads to unique solutions to the unique challenges and needs of individual cyclists.

When you ride, do your hands hurt? Your back? Knees? They shouldn't.  If you've been trying to ride through discomfort it's time to solve the problem.

Riding a bicycle is supposed to be fun, but a poor fitting bike will make cycling a drag. It can mean   the difference between comfort and pain, fast  and slow, safe and unsafe.                                                 

Bikes at shops are not one-size-fits-all, but come in different frame dimensions (big box stores bikes are usually one size per wheel diameter). The most important aspect of fit is having the correct frame size.  

Once that is determined we adjust seat height, seat angle, fore-aft position, and we adjust the bar, shifters, and brake levers to you on your new bike.

With these adjustments you have a pretty good fit which works well for most people.  To put it in clothing terms you bought a suit off the rack which is a good fit and we hemmed the sleeves and pants leg length to you.   But if you need more, if you need the suit tailored to you, you need a custom fitting.

Your height, leg length, torso length, and arm length are all body measurements that affect your comfort and performance. Everyone has different body proportions, flexibility, and injury history.  Those factors require changes in the bicycle's components, and that is what fits the bike specifically to you.  That's what constitutes a custom bicycle fitting.  

Commuter bike

Riding Styles

Your riding style also affects how your bike should fit. If you want to cruise the bike paths on a bike that lets you sit upright where you get a good view of the scenery, that calls for a different frame size, bike type, and fit approach than a time-trial racer who needs to be positioned for optimum aerodynamics and speed.

Beyond frame size, other components of a bike also contribute greatly to a good fit.  Saddles, for example, are available in a variety of widths, shapes, and degrees of firmness. Just as important is the way it is adjusted--height, fore-aft, and angle. Other variables are stem length; handlebar width, height, and rotational adjustment; and crankarm length.

If your bike doesn't feel quite right, bring it in for a complimentary review of the fit basics so you know what changes, if any, you might want to consider. It will help you enjoy riding, and you won't regret it.

Fit Menu

Fittings are done by appointment only  The process takes 2 - 2 1/2 hours so allocate enough time so that the fitter can complete your fitting. Please call 217-352-7600 or e-mail us to set up an appointment with our Precision Fit Certified fitter.  Alex is Certified in both Level 1 and Level 2 of the Precision Fit system.  He also brings thousands of miles of riding experience including road, cross, gravel, and mountain racing experience to the fitting process. 

Please bring your bike, clothing, and shoes you normally use when riding.

New Purchase Body/Bicycle Assessment/Adjustment - Free

  • Every new bicycle purchased at Champaign Cycle receives the following adjustments for you
  • Proper frame size identified
  • Saddle height and angle properly adjusted for you
  • Handlebar height, width (for flat bars), and angle adjusted for your comfort
  • Brake and shift lever adjusted to your position on the bike

 Fit Consultation - $60

We also offer the Fit Consultation to determine if your current bicycle will accommodate your body structure and the goals that you have set.  If your frame is proper for you we will specify the changes that need to be made.  You can decide if you want to attempt those changes yourself or you would benefit from a Standard Fit Package.  If you choose to continue with the Standard Fit Package at that time the Consultation fee is waived.

 Standard Fit Package - $250 with Saddle Mapping

This a top to bottom bicycle fit service that can last up to two hours. We assess your past, present and future physiological factors along with your cycling goals, fitness level, and flexibility through a detailed interview. We apply principles of bio-mechanics to this information to determine the best position for you on your bike. If you have clipless pedals, we begin by adjusting your cleats for performance and comfort using the RAD cleat alignment system. Generally we then adjust saddle height, angle, and fore-aft position. Finally, we make adjustments to your handlebars and stem. We may suggest replacing parts in order to achieve an ideal position, and we may also make suggestions about your riding form.  Our fit station is equipped with the Cycle-Ops power meter so we can measure your output in watts during the fit.

  Aero Fit Package - $350 with Saddle Mapping

The aero position of a triathlon or time trial bike requires an extra measure of fitting attention.  This fit includes all the components of the Body Fit (above) with the addition of aero bars proper adjustment for your optimum performance and comfort fit with aero bars.  This service also includes a cleat fitting which takes into account the different position on a triathlon/time trial bike. Our fit station is equipped with the Cycle-Ops power meter so we can measure your output in watts during the fit. Since the aero position may be substantially different from your normal riding position, you may require a followup visit as your body becomes accustomed to the new position.


Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis Road

$250 with Saddle Mapping     

The Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis includes a thorough custom analysis of rider biomechanics and movement through the use of high-speed video, resulting in the best analysis of your position on the bike. Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis includes:

• Shoes sizing & cleat placement
• Saddle selection
• Saddle height
• Saddle fore/aft position

• Stem length & position
• Handlebar width & position
• Video analysis of cycling position

Please allow approximately 3 hours.

Motion Capture Dynamic Analysis Aero Fit

$350 with Saddle Mapping     

This fit covers all elements included in a Road Fit, plus a custom analysis of proper aerobar set up. The Triathlon Fit determines a rider's ideal:
• Shoes sizing & cleat placement
• Saddle selection
• Saddle height
• Saddle fore/aft position

• Stem length & position
• Handlebar width & position
• Aerobar pad height/reach

Please allow approximately 3 hours.

Upper Body Evaluation

Record, Advise, & Follow Up


During an upper body evaluation, a Trek Precision Fit technician will match your body’s natural alignment with the appropriate stem angle and reach, as well as the proper handlebar shape and width.


After the personal interview and body evaluations, your Trek Precision Fit technician will briefly review known issues listed during the interview, highlight the changes made during your fit, and break down the benefits you, as the rider, can expect. After your appointment, if needed, we recommend a follow up appointment to fine tune your position.