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Recreational and Commuting

You don't have to travel out of town or blast into the county to enjoy your bike.  Champaign County Bikes has put together a great map of bicycle friendly routes to get you arround the C-U area safely and comfortably. 

High res PDF HERE!!!




Other Places to Ride

There are other good places to ride in the area that might be worth checking out. 

1) Lake of the Woods - Located on the north side of Mahomet, this dedicated bike/walking path provides great scenery and an escape from the traffic.  Great for a short morning or afternoon getaway.  The trail is about 3 miles long and can be accessed from Prairieview Road, Rte 47, or Crowley Road, from east to west respectively.

2) Meadowbrook Park - Located at the intersection of Vine and Windsor in Urbana, this is a great family friendly park with a large childrens playground.  Bike paths and scenery with a unique sculpture exhibit make it unique. 

3) Crystal Lake Park - Located just north of downtown Urbana, this is a nice, scenic route around the lake.  If you're downtown this is a great addition to your ride if you want to take the long way home.

4) Homer Lake - Located northwest of Homer, IL this is a scenic area with lightly traveled roads that would make a nice alternative to going to Lake of the Woods. 

5) Kickapoo State Park - Located ~30 miles east of C-U, Kickapoo has a lot to offer.  In addition to having great mountain bike trails, the park is a great place for a casual ride around the lakes, so long as you can deal with some hills!