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Mountain Bike Riding

Mountain Biking in Illinois

Mountain biking in central Illinois?  Where are the mountains?!

We actually have many trail systems within a reasonable distance from the C-U area.  This is a non-comprehensive list, in no order, of some of the more popular trails:

1)  Kickapoo State Park (~ 40 mins)  A long, single direction loop with a bit of everything.  Mostly dedicated singletrack that is fairly tight with some short but challenging climbs.  Loop is about 11 miles long with some beginner friendly sections as well as stuff to keep the experts happy.

2)  Comlara Park (~1 hr)  A smaller trail system that has a lot to offer.  Beginner friendly but has some tight stuff.

3) Matthiessen State Park (~ 2 hours)  A brand new trail system with a ton of potential and probably the most elevation change of any course in this list.  Look for this one to grow.  ***CAUTION: Dual use trail with horses.***

4) Dirksen Park Trails (~ 1 hr 45 mins) Lots of nice single track, jumps, loop de du's, and switch a roos. Very nice for central IL.

5) Jubilee State Park (~ 2 hrs) Flowing, dedicated singletrack and some of the area's tightest trails.

6) Black Partridge Trails (~ 2 hrs) One of the area's new trail systems, this place is just getting better.  Lots of singletrack and lots more to come.

7) Farmdale Reservior (~ 2 hrs) A very scenic trails system with a little bit of everything, including a path across the reservior itself.  ***CAUTION: Dual use trail with horses.***

8) Palos Forest Preserve (~ 2 hrs 15 mins) The Chicago area's best trails system.  The trails are very well maintained and a blast to ride.

9) Brown County State Park [Indiana] ( ~2 hours 45 mns) A bit far, but worth the trip.  Lots of smooth, flowing trails with a good amount of climbing.

10) Lake Shelbyville Trails (~1 hour 30 mins) A ~5 mile loop shared with runners and hikers.  Look for more trails to come from this area soon.

Local Clubs

Check out the local clubs if you want to get more involved in mountain biking.  If you're searching for a local race or just a riding buddy or some advice check these guys out.


Wild Card Cycling

Kickapoo Mountain Bike Club

The Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association