Trek Bicycles teams with Clemson University
to research cycling safety.
Trek is funding research into what makes a cyclist visible to motorists.  This is the first time a bicycle company has funded advanced research to make their customers more visible and safer.  They are developing both strategies and products which will make us easier to see.  This is a developing effort and we look forward to learning more.
The first of this research will be presented at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference. Sept. 19 - 23, 2016.  After that presentation there will be more information released.
Daytime Running Lights

Focus Flash Range
Creating a light visible in the daylight requires intentional design. By directing or amplifying output, we intensify the beam or extend its range. Without this, a light may appear bright, but will not be noticed in the day.

  Most tail lights use a steady flashing pattern. This pulsing is less noticeable than one that continually varies its intensity and pattern. The Day Flash setting featured on Bontrager Daytime Running Lights was created to specifically increase noticeability with varying outputs and an interruptive flash pattern.
Daytime Running Lights are brighter than what you would use at night in order to give drivers more reaction time. Bontrager Daytime Running Lights are detectable from a greater distance than other lights, from ¼ mile to over 2km away in daylight conditions given the specific model.

Flare R    $59.99,1&op_usm=0,0,0,0&iccEmbed=0&cache=on,on
By incorporating a ground-breaking design relying on focused optics, an interruptive flash pattern, and a range of over 2km during the day, Flare R changed the scope of what a bicycle light was capable of. It is the clear leader in daytime visibility and is the benchmark that tail lights are judged against. Choose the Flare R for ultimate visibility.

Flare R City    $39.99
Flare R City is a more compact version of Flare R with a wider beam pattern and ambient light sensor that automatically selects the correct intensity for current riding conditions when set to auto-brightness mode. Designed for use in the city, where intersections present unique challenges, the 120-degree beam path provides a swath of light that is powerful enough to be seen 400 m or ¼-mile away in daylight conditions.

Ion 100 R   $39.99
The companion front light to Flare R City, Ion 100 R packs a ton of lumens into a compact package that still provides the requirements of a daytime running light. It features an interruptive flash pattern with brighter flash, focused beam pattern, and range that makes it visible from 500 m away in daylight conditions.

Ion 350 R / Ion 350 RT   $59.99 / $79.99
Sleek, light, and simple, Ion 350 R is less than half the weight of the competition. Also available with Transmitr wireless capability, (Ion 350 RT), both Ion 350 lights feature daylight visibility from 1000 m in daylight conditions. 

Ion 800 R / Ion 800 RT   $99.99 / $119.99

Building on the success of Ion 700, the all-new Ion 800 features an increased lumen output, daytime flash pattern, and an off-road configuration mode that provides an easy transition from high to medium beam. Visible from 2 km away in daylight conditions, This light is the natural evolution of our benchmark headlight.